Executive Education Series :
Accelerated Leadership Development Program (ALDP)

Designed for High Potential (HiPO) Leaders


Talent management represents an organization’s efforts to attract, develop, and retain skilled and valuable employees. The goal is to have people with the capabilities and commitment needed for current and future organizational success. This includes the high potentials who are the “nextgen” or future leaders. An organization’s talent pool, particularly its high-potential managerial talent, is often referred to as the leadership pipeline.

A leadership pipeline is expected to deliver the “next generation” of leaders. The payoff is a supply of leadership talent that simultaneously achieves targets, strengthens and protects ethical reputation, and navigates transformational change in pursuit of a bright, competitive future.

In a highly disruptive, digital, and VUCA-driven era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (also known as Industry 4.0), these upcoming leaders need to have a broader skillset, one that equips them to think and act globally. Conventional leadership development practices are no longer adequate. Organizations globally need to incorporate the next-generation leadership competencies to address the development needs of their upcoming leaders.

Baby boomers are stepping into retirement in growing numbers. This means that companies are starting to lose institutional knowledge and experience, not to mention an entire section of leadership. While there is still time to get younger generations of high-potential employees up to speed on managerial leadership tasks, it is crucial to remember that executive development, including training and coaching, is not something that should be an afterthought but a carefully planned and calibrated strategy to ensure the sustainability of the organization.

The current leadership needs to identify potential leaders and allow them to make decisions about important tasks while coaching and mentoring them through the leadership challenges that the baby boomers have been through. Preparing for an effective leadership transition will ensure that potential pitfalls are foreseen and avoided, making way for a smoother change of hands later.

Reference: Sattar Bawany (2023), Leadership in Disruptive Times: Negotiating the New Balance. Business Expert Press (BEP) LLC, New York, NY. Further details are available at: https://www.disruptiveleadership.institute/second-edition-book/

About The Program

The Accelerated Leadership Development Program (ALDP) is a customized, comprehensive, highly experiential and action-learning workplace executive development program that encompasses analysis to action — with an emphasis on the action.

It’s a unique blend of intensive learning, immersive lectures, on-the-job challenges, and personal leadership development. Participants will be able to apply what they learn to real-world business challenges and put new leadership skills into practice.

ALDP is designed jointly by the Centre for Executive Education (CEE) and the Disruptive Leadership Institute (DLI) and accredited by the International Professional Managers Association (IPMA) to provide participants with the knowledge and skills they need to successfully advance to the next level of leadership.

The program focuses on 3 dimensions: leading self; leading others (including the team) and leading the organization. The skills and lessons from each dimension combine to leave participants with a holistic, actionable understanding of how to transform from being ‘good to great’ leaders.

Who Should Attend

High potential, mid-to senior-level managers and executives who are looking to accelerate their growth as a leader and increase their contributions to their organization and the community.

The ALDP Executive Development Framework

Leading Self: How to have more impact as a leader by building emotional & social awareness, self-awareness and a deeper understanding of how to work across differences more effectively.
Leading Others (Team): How to develop, motivate, and manage people and teams more effectively, and understand and apply research-based recommendations for achieving organizational and team buy-in.

Leading the Organization: How to transform from a ‘good to great’ organization and drive internal collaboration, and develop a keen awareness of the critical levers for building a successful organization.

The Learning Model

70% of learning happens on the job

Training accounts for 10% of what we learn. Coaching provides the critical bridge.

Case studies, lectures, classroom discussions, hands-on exercises, and small group discussions focused on contemporary leadership issues and challenges will let participants analyze and understand what behaviors lead to sustained success and effective leadership.

The sessions will help participants work through a range of approaches to the issues confront at the work. Participants will learn, reflect on, and discuss effective leadership in the face of real-life challenges including sustaining employee productivity and engagement as well as thriving in a disruptive and digital-driven workplace.

Participants in the program will develop a practical understanding of critical business and leadership frameworks and how they can be applied effectively in a challenging business environment.

Case Study Methodology

Simply put, this executive education program is highly experiential with various learning approaches including the case study method.

The case study approach is effectively a discussion of real-life situations that business executives have faced. Often, executives are surprised to discover that the objective of the case study is not to reach a consensus, but to understand how different people use the same information to arrive at diverse conclusions and make relevant recommendations to resolve the organizational challenge(s). When you begin to understand the context, you can appreciate the reasons why those decisions were made.

The time you spend here is deeply reflective. You’re not only working with case materials and assignments but also taking on the role of the case protagonist—the person who’s supposed to make those tough decisions. How would you react in those situations? We put people in a variety of contexts, and they start by addressing that specific problem(s) or organizational challenge(s).

The faculty or facilitator’s role is to guide you in examining and resolving the issues—but the beauty here is that they don’t provide you with the answers. You’re interacting in the classroom with other executives—debating the issue, presenting new viewpoints, countering positions, and building on one another’s ideas. That’s how real learning takes place.

Key Benefits

  • Improve your self-awareness and develop plans to continue personal leadership growth
  • Develop greater awareness of your leadership style and how it’s perceived by others.
  • Acquire relevant knowledge and skills to lead effectively in today’s disruptive and digital-driven workplace
  • Increase your capacity for cognitive readiness and critical thinking skills for effective strategic decision-making
  • Strengthen your management acumen and interpersonal skills to build effective teams and successfully navigate challenges.
  • Enhance your understanding of the critical interface between execution issues and internal and external strategic challenges to the organization.
  • Learn effective ways of developing high-performance teams, change management initiatives, and organizational structures and culture.
  • Develop a personalized executive development plan.

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Awarded Upon Completion

Certificate of Achievement

Progression To IPE MBA In Disruptive Leadership

ALDP Graduates may proceed to apply for admission to the MBA in Disruptive Leadership Program which is offered and awarded by IPE Management School – Paris, subject to meeting the prevailing admission requirements.

For further details, visit the IPE MBA in Disruptive Leadership Homepage.


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