Board & CEO Advisory Services


Board Services

Professional board evaluations identify risk, create strategic opportunities, and improve performance. With the goal in mind to get your board working most efficiently, EDA works with your organization to plan for the future using tactical board succession plans.


Valued Impact

Most companies release the results of a board evaluation in their proxy statements, but shareholders expect more. They want to know that your board assessment wasn’t just a “check-the-box” exercise. Board assessments identify risks and strategic opportunities, as well as generate concrete action steps that will lead to overall performance improvement.


Our Approach

  • Experienced Facilitators

    Board evaluations are conducted by experienced EDA facilitators who understand the nuances of the boardroom. These facilitators are trained to know what to look for in creating and maintaining a successful board.

  • Produce Action Plans

    The EDA team is uniquely qualified to lead meaningful team-building engagements that are designed to produce practical action plans, which is what shareholders are looking for.

  • Clear Results

    Board services aid in providing clear evidence that your board is actively looking after their interests. Shareholders are able to look at these results and see that your organization’s board went above and beyond to become a high performing team.


Benefits of Board Services

A high-preforming board that prioritize communication, critical thinking and team work

Board consulting and evaluations build a prepared and focused team that is ready to tackle obstacles head on

A comprehensive board succession plan to remain prepared for the future

Clear results that provide assurance of a quality board to shareholders

Improve performance of board members

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