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ISBN – 9781637422342
EISBN – 9781637422359
Copyright Year – 2023
In Stock – April 12, 2023
Pages – 346
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Leadership In Disruptive Times: Negotiating the New Balance

As the world becomes more complex and connected, the threat of a corporate crisis grows. There are instances everywhere: we have experienced first-hand how when a pandemic spreads worldwide, it caused massive global business disruption and a public health disaster; a corruption scandal causes a corporate leader to step down; the sudden death of a CEO without succession planning in place; a data breach shakes customer confidence; quality issues trigger a widespread product recall. These are just a few examples among many of the recent corporate crises.

The right leadership is critical for organizations to thrive in a disruptive business environment. The book aims to answer the following questions: How do organizations balance business sustainability while balancing the needs of the various stakeholders including supporting employee needs in the post-pandemic ‘new normal’? How do leaders transform their organizations to be agile, adaptive, and innovation-driven? What are the leadership skills that are required to navigate the organization successfully during times of crisis? What are the key considerations for an organization to consider as they adopt digital transformation to reinvent people, processes, and technology (PPT) in this transformative era of the digital-driven ‘new normal’ world of work?

  1. What are the megatrends of future disruptive forces that organizations need to take into consideration in their crisis management and business sustainability plan?
  2. How do organizations negotiate the new balance of ‘enterprise risk management’(ERM) with corporate sustainability?
  3. How do leaders transform their organizations to be agile, adaptive, and innovation-driven in the era of constant disruption and crisis?
  4. What are the key considerations for an organization to consider as they adopt digital transformation to reinvent people, processes, and technology in the disruptive World-of-Work (WOW)?

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Praise for the Book

“The book ‘Leadership in Disruptive Times: Negotiating the New Balance’ by Prof. Sattar Bawany is essential reading for all business leaders in today’s world. In his latest work, Prof. Bawany uses real-life case studies to illustrate the challenges companies face in the modern world and explains why some have managed to adapt effectively and even thrive, while others have quickly fallen by the wayside. Each company will face unique challenges; however, Prof. Bawany explains that the underlying themes are remarkably similar, and lessons can be drawn from across different geographies and even unrelated industries. The pace of change is unlikely to slow and increasing complexity has become the norm for most organisations. This is the backdrop we must contend with, and this novel is a valuable resource for business leaders as they lead their organisations through disruptions and uncertainty.

Prof. Sattar Bawany has been an Executive Coach and mentor to me, and he’s someone I have come to respect and trust. He is a true leader in his field, and I marvel at his ability to draw on so many years of experience and apply those lessons in a completely new era. Somehow, Prof. Bawany is always able to separate the noise from the real underlying problem, and get leaders to think about themselves, their teams and their organisation in a very different way.”

Simon Sinclair, Chief Operating Officer, Commodities, Standard Chartered Bank

“Business leaders have been breaking down traditional barriers, working across functional silos to drive innovation, and using data and AI to sense and respond to changes in the external environment. Essentially, we saw traditional players acting much more like digital natives. How can we learn from these experiences to create a digital and innovation-driven culture, especially when our world has become even more digital in the era of the post-pandemic ‘new normal’? The answer is found in the latest edition of the book by Prof. Sattar Bawany, which provides CEOs and business leaders with proven tools, frameworks, practices, and strategies on how best-in-class organizations have been successful in improving their sustainability without negatively impacting their profitability. I would recommend this book to all leaders from both private and public sector organizations.”

Dato’ Mohammad Azlan Abdullah, Chairman, Sapura Energy Bhd; Group Chief Executive Officer, PROLINTAS Group of Companies, Malaysia

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