4.0 Masterclass Series

Digital Transformation is the key to business competitiveness in a changing and increasingly demanding market. However, for this transformation to be successful, the right corporate culture is needed to promote innovation and creativity within companies.

The key to success in leading during times of disruption such as the digital transformation at the workplace or managing crises such as the COVID-19 requires ‘disruptive digital leaders’ who thrive in situations of ever-greater volatility and uncertainty globalized business environment.

– Sattar Bawany, Author, Leadership In Disruptive Times (Business Expert Press, 2020)


Digital transformation is the key to business competitiveness in a changing and increasingly demanding market place. However, for this transformation to be successful, the right corporate culture is needed to promote innovation and creativity within organizations.

Digitalization is rapidly changing the way companies operate and create value in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The emergence of technology-centered business models is also challenging established organizations to reimagine and reinvent themselves to remain relevant to the marketplace. Digital readiness is of great importance today as it seems that while many organizations are either experiencing or expect to experience some form of significant digital disruption, few appear genuinely prepared.

The growing awareness and recognition of the impact of transformation on people and culture underscore the urgency to place cultural change at the center of any digital transformation agenda. Cultural transformation in a highly digitalized world includes best practices approaches that will help organizations understand how they can embed successful digital cultural transformation initiatives within their organization. Organizations must adopt the philosophy of putting People ahead of Process and Technology (PPT). Many digital transformation efforts do not achieve their desired results because they concentrate on the process improvement, strategies with the technology as an enabler but they ignore the people aspect of the change initiative.


Leadership 4.0 is about leaders creating their digital transformation strategy and ensure it is aligned with the business and growth plans of their organization. This is achieved by demonstrating effectively the disruptive digital leadership competencies which include cognitive readiness, critical thinking, innovative thinking, agility, resilience along with emotional and social intelligence skills such as empathy and relationship management.

Given the current disruptive, digital and VUCA centric business environment era of Industry 4.0, now, more than ever, leaders have to navigate unfamiliar, challenging times, a quickening pace of change, increasing expectations, and a rising tide of rapidly-evolving conditions. Against this backdrop, we have designed, developed, and successfully delivered in recent years, this series of leadership development programs that leverages best-in-class or thought-leadership concepts, tools, and techniques to drive organizational & leadership excellence.

The program is designed to provide CEOs, C-Suite Leaders as well as functional leaders with a platform to develop from being ‘good to great’. It is specifically aimed at enhancing and developing the skills, knowledge, and behaviors of the participants. The participants will develop their understanding of leadership effectiveness and how it will lead to a creation of sustainable competitive advantage for their respective digital-driven organizations.

The Leadership 4.0 Masterclass Series includes:

Program 1: Leading in Disruptive Times
Program 2: Leading Digital Transformation at the Workplace
Program 3: Transforming the Next Generation of Leaders
Program 4: Leading in a VUCA-Driven World

Program 5: Developing High Performance Digital Organizations
Program 6: Leading High Performance Digital Transformation Teams
Program 7: Developing High Performance Coaching Culture
Program 8: Transforming the Workplace of the Future

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This series of highly extensive and practical 2-day leadership training program combines proven-in-action techniques with peer interaction and insights from the latest research on leadership effectiveness published in the book, “Leadership in Disruptive Times” (2020), to help participants.

It will also provide them with guidance on the actions required in specific situations through the use of relevant examples that are specific, relevant and meaningful to each participant.


This series of 2-day leadership development programs aim to transform the participant as a ‘digital disruptive leader’ and they will be able to:

  • Learn the best practices towards the development of a digital-driven culture at the workplace
  • Understand how to ensure successful implementation of digital transformation initiatives
  • Learn the best practices on leading and adapting during disruptive times
  • Understand how to adapt their communication styles with key stakeholders
  • Build an open and trust-based partnership with key stakeholders
  • Develop relationship management and social skills at the workplace
  • Craft a 90-Day Personal Leadership Development Plan


Professor Sattar Bawany is the Chief Executive Officer of the Centre for Executive Education (CEE) and concurrently the Managing Director & C-Suite Master Executive Coach with Executive Development Associates (EDA) for the Asia Pacific region.

He has over 30 years’ international business management experience, including 20 years in executive coaching, group facilitation, and leadership development and training with global management consulting firms. He is an experienced facilitator and has spent many years developing leadership capability through the delivery of structured talent management, leadership development programs including executive coaching.

Prof Bawany is the author of the book “Leadership in Disruptive Times” (2020) and “Transforming the Next Generation of Leaders: Developing Future Leaders for a Disruptive, Digital-Driven Era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0)” (2019).