“You had successfully helped to communicate to our members the processes, issues, and challenges of managing digital transformation in organisations especially in the context of post COVID19. Many of our members had conveyed their sincere appreciation for such a unique opportunity to join and participate in the webinar and to hear from a distinguished speaker. Your ability to simplify a complex subject is truly admirable. The active engagement that ensued is a testament to the success of the webinar.

The presentation and interaction thereafter were engaging, demonstrating the broad knowledge of strategy and management expertise that you possess which could be brought down for practical application to small and medium-sized companies. We are also very grateful for your generosity to share vast numbers of quality corporate examples and experiences. The disruptive digital mindset is now firmly embedded in the members who had attended the webinar. Thank you for contributing to the development of our SICCI members and I hope there will be a future opportunity for the Chambers to engage your services once again.”

Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry

“I have been formally trained in some of the best institutions in the United States to include US military flight school, whereupon completion I flew over 50 combat missions over Iraq and Afghanistan as a Helicopter Aircraft Commander. Needless to say, I have a high standard in regards to training and Professor Bawany masterfully weaves “VUCA” principles into his deep insight of leadership qualities creating training that far exceeds expectations and is immensely valuable to all leaders who inevitably will be faced with decisions of disruption no matter the industry.

The level and nature of Professor Bawany’s training are exceptional as he continually utilizes concrete exercises, practical examples and provides excellent analysis. His work is some of the most professional training I have ever encountered and as the Executive Director of AIT Extension, I look forward to future engagement and training opportunities from/with Professor Bawany and his Disruptive Leadership Institute.”

Asian Institute of Technology

“We have benefitted from your extensive knowledge of the related subjects of Leadership Organizational Behaviour with the various examples which are contemporary, practical and 14 relevant to our roles as business leaders, allow us to implement the frameworks and models taught within our organization. We appreciate your ability to reach out to all participants with your thought-provoking insights on Disruptive Leadership in this Volatile, Uncertainty, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA) business environment. We are also very grateful for your generosity to share vast numbers of quality research-based published articles and videos relevant not only to the programme but also to our leadership and professional development. The contemporary case studies analysis of leading global organizations provide the best practices tools, approaches, and practices that enable the participants to develop ‘disruptive digital leadership’ competencies and capabilities to improve business acumen and personal leadership effectiveness that impact effective problem solving and decision making on the business challenges that are being faced at work.”

KPJ Healthcare Berhad

“We appreciate you personally taking the time to provide us with the timely information that you shared. The positive responses to the symposium reflect The Disruptive Leadershis
Institute’s acceptance and credibility at the international level. The attendees’ opinions about your presentation were all in agreement: You have exceeded in meeting our expectations.

Here are a few of the comments that attendees shared: I so enjoyed my time with Professor Sattar Bawany recently interacting with him on his ideas on Leadership in Disruptive Times. This new book, by the same name, is thought-provoking and timely, as we have not lived through more disruptive times in recent generations. Professor Bawany is a warm and entertaining speaker and writer and I would highly recommend this work His presentation gave insight on the timely topic of disruptive leadership. His material was useful to our current business needs. His presentation style was engaging He was friendly, focused, exceptionally knowledgeable, and relaxed Once again, thank you for making the DBU Tech Symposium successful, and we appreciate your ongoing and continued support.”

Dallas Baptist University

“I would like to extend our sincere appreciation for your sharing. It is highly relevant, thought-provoking and was well-received by our members, many of whom are professionals and business leaders. The Q&A session was dynamic and intense. I am certain that our members have benefited tremendously from this sharing.

The primary takeaway from the session is how to prepare for a prolonged adjustment to the current COVID-19 pandemic and how leaders can be prepared to make the necessary shift in the manner they are leading and engaging the team in the “new normal” of the post-pandemic workplace. The case studies and examples used during the session were also useful.”

Sim Society

“We would like to express our most sincere appreciation for you taking some of your valuable time in providing the webinar for our Banking and Financial Services Union members.

Your ‘Influence with Authority’ session had benefitted our members immensely. Fresh graduates who have just entered the workforce had provided positive feedback, and even the
more experienced staff had gleaned something valuable from your session. The lessons learned will come in useful during the day-to-day function within their companies!

On behalf of the team, I wish you all the best for your future undertaking and thank you once again for the enriching session for our members.”

Banking And Financial

“The practical case studies and important lessons you impart across the intensive modules; together with the systematic and fact-based approach of the programme, allow for a deep understanding of the best practices and the pertinent leadership practices that can be immediately applied to our daily work. The learnings are not just critical to our organisation’s digital transformation needs, but also each participants’ professional and personal leadership development.

I would recommend CEE and DLI for any organization looking to develop its senior leadership team. The lessons are practical and the learnings profound. The programme has put us in good stead to deliver on our responsibilities as leaders; as we push forward through challenges and embrace new opportunities that the digitally charged era of Industry 4.0 offers us.“


“One valued aspect of the Masterclass is the highly contemporary, practical and relevant nature of the programme to our business. The highly experiential course utilises a dynamic blend of skilled instructor presentation and individual as well as group skill practice in each of the concepts presented, using real business concerns, issues and challenges brought by participants.

The introduction of multiple critical thinking process tools (including Cognitive Readiness, RED Model, Phoenix Checklist and Force Field Analysis) allows our leaders to look at problems comprehensively and make well-thought-out recommended action plans and effective decisions. The participants can use the processes they learned to apply to ongoing business challenges they faced in leading their respective teams toward achieving our organisation’s mission, vision, strategic intent, goals and KPIs.”


“The Action Learning-based Workplace Project, where the participants were required to work on specifically designed project teams, have been found by them to be extremely useful as they were able to immediately apply newly-acquired leadership practices for multidimensional problem-solving to important challenges and opportunities facing their organizations.

The participants also valued the series of contemporary and practical case studies that were introduced throughout the programme which were relevant to their circumstances. The programme curriculum includes breakthrough academic research from the latest book, “Leadership in Disruptive Times” (2020), which the participants have found to be critical in developing their agility in navigating the complexity of leading in an era of the highly disruptive and digital-driven workplace.”

Johor Corporation

“Without a doubt, you have helped to elevate his level of performance and enabled him to be a stronger executive and leader. You have a very effective style and approach. First and foremost, it comes across clearly that you take this very personally – there is a very strong vested interest in ensuring the individual is successful. You also hold yourself accountable and ensures there is a regular check-in with the sponsor to assess and evaluate the level of improvement – these alone gives me full confidence in your commitment to results and excellence.

Certainly, the breadth of your experience is impressive and provides a very good perspective for the leader that you coached. There is certainly a case to be made about learning from the best, and you have this unique ability to distil your learnings from the best leaders in the regions and pass that on in your coaching program. I have no hesitancy in recommending you as a top tier professional executive coach.”