“I am so pleased that such high quaility executive education program is offered in Madinah. I have found the Program for Advanced Leadership and Managment to be a very enriching and unique experience that addressed intlectual, spritual, emotional and physical aspects of leadership development”

H.R.H. Prince Saud Bin Khalid Al-Faisal, Deputy Governor, Madinah Region

“I am very pleased to join this course, have learned a lot and found this course very interesting. The quality of the global speakers, participants and the interaction with them was a great help for me to learn more. The mix of program activities, case studies and Q&A has helped me in the arena of leadership and decision making . Having a great education in a great place like Madinah is the best one can hope for.”

H.E. Dr. Tawfeek AlRabeah, Minister of Hajj and Umrah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

“I found PALM participants to be a truly high caliber group, similar to the executives we teach at Harvard, Wharton and INSEAD. They have shown great willingness to engage in high intellectual levels of discussion. It was a great opportunity for me to participate as a speaker.”

Prof. Paul Schoemaker, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA

“I would like to take a moment to show our appreciation for the excellent work done throughout the delivery of the workshop “Developing High Performance Leadership”. Our company and our brand are committed to delivering exceptional customer service. Our passion for excellence has been complemented perfectly well with the management concepts and the applications done during the three days course. You have successfully sent across our team the importance of leadership effectiveness on organizational success and taught the team how to develop Emotional Intelligence, which is also in line with our internal training on the importance of Emotional Intelligence as a crucial element to deliver the best service to our guests. The split sessions and the personal follow-ups done have been highly effective. Your commitment to the objectives originally set has translated into an engaging and positive course that had a very satisfactory impact on the team. I have only received positive feedback from the team, it was a great learning experience for all of them.”


“I am pleased to share that we have received very positive feedback from the participants for the 2 workshops for our Singapore Management Team. Generous amounts of information were shared, as well as dialogues for brainstorming sessions. Everyone had a refreshed outlook at different leadership styles and there was a lot more collaboration. In terms of delivery style, they felt that the facilitator was engaging and the programme was well structured. It also provided relevant tools and knowledge that can be applied in their respective business and professional situations scientifically and practically. Overall, the programme exceeded their expectations. Thank you for contributing to the development of our team and I look forward to future collaboration with you in terms of our learning needs.”


“All of a sudden, a deadly pandemic is at the centre of unprecedented worldwide disruptions. Inadvertently, the Covid‐19 has left organisations with little or no choice but to take the big leap towards digitalization. Prof. Sattar Bawany’s latest book on ‘Leadership in Disruptive Times’ is a timely sequel to his first publication, ‘Transforming the Next Generation of Leaders: Developing Future Leaders for a Disruptive, Digital‐Driven Era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0)’. In his latest offering, Prof. Bawany recognised the need for organisations to include digital leadership competencies for them to successfully implement transformative initiatives in a highly disruptive environment. He also examines the attributes and competencies of disruptive leadership as they maneuver through the disruptions caused by the Covid‐19 and the post-pandemic digital transformation in meeting the needs of the new normal. In developing successful organizational leadership in the new world order, this book provides valuable guidance and direction on the future way forward.”

Malaysian Employers Federation

“My congratulations to Professor Bawany for his new books, Leadership in Disruptive Times. This is a significant book, and its theme is overdue, particularly when severe disruptions are brought about by the recent Covid-19 pandemic. When times are good, solutions often come easy and straightforward. However, when rapid changes brought about by unexpected disruption, it is not clear if a solution even exists, let alone a good one. It takes an exceptional leader who has experienced disruptive times before to offer us insights and visions to move forward, and quality to be an effective leader. Readers will benefit enormously from Professor Bawany’s new book, and it is my firm belief that this pioneering book will be acknowledged as classic textbook/reference in leadership in disruptive times.”

mis – Marketing Institute of Singapore

“Based on the feedback from the C-Suite leaders, as well as from my observations as the CEO and Sponsor, both CEE and you as the Coach have exceeded our expectations for such a coaching engagement.

Today, the C-Suite leaders have someone they can talk to, discuss facts with, and get clear, concise, “right-on” feedback that they can take and immediately implement. Your advice is always spot on! They have learned to have confidence in your counsel because it works. Both CEE and your approach is all about results and relationships and keepsthem focused on these high leverage areas. Your invaluable insights come from the rare combination of being a seasoned and successful global executive development practitioner, having solid academic credentials, and a strong track record of coaching and consulting experience as evidenced by others that you have helped.

We would highly recommend you as an Executive Coach to any organization that would like to transform their senior leadership team and developing a next-generation leadership pipeline”

Bank Muamalat

“The workshop attendees found that the program provided a clear understanding of high-performing team, best practices and practical strategies that they can implement at the workplace. The interactive nature of the program engaged attendees to be involved in their own learning experience through various activities from self-reflections to team dynamics.

Through the interaction, attendees were able to internalize the characteristics of the High-Performing Team elaborated in the excellent SCORE™ Framework, enhance critical thinking and disengage what has hitherto been obstacles to be a high performing team.

Thank you again for such a thoughtful and excellent learning experience!”

MRT Corp

“The College of Human Resource Management (CHRM) located in Nairobi, Kenya, Africa would like to express our sincere gratitude to you for your excellent facilitation at the Board Essentials Program. Your presentation on ‘Leading the Board through Times of Disruption and Crisis’ was highly informative, exciting, engaging and truly enlightening. You were able to use relatable case studies that the trainees will apply relevance to, in their professional endeavours. Your Training method accompanied by your enthusiastic and energetic approach provided a perfect learning environment during this session.

We are grateful for your time and we can confidently say that you delivered beyond our expectations and we will not hesitate to work with you on similar training in future.”

The Colleague of Human Resource Management (CHRM)