“One valued aspect of the Masterclass is the highly contemporary, practical and relevant nature of the programme to our business. The highly experiential course utilises a dynamic blend of skilled instructor presentation and individual as well as group skill practice in each of the concepts presented, using real business concerns, issues and challenges brought by participants.

The introduction of multiple critical thinking process tools (including Cognitive Readiness, RED Model, Phoenix Checklist and Force Field Analysis) allows our leaders to look at problems comprehensively and make well-thought-out recommended action plans and effective decisions. The participants can use the processes they learned to apply to ongoing business challenges they faced in leading their respective teams toward achieving our organisation’s mission, vision, strategic intent, goals and KPIs.”


“The Action Learning-based Workplace Project, where the participants were required to work on specifically designed project teams, have been found by them to be extremely useful as they were able to immediately apply newly-acquired leadership practices for multidimensional problem-solving to important challenges and opportunities facing their organizations.

The participants also valued the series of contemporary and practical case studies that were introduced throughout the programme which were relevant to their circumstances. The programme curriculum includes breakthrough academic research from the latest book, “Leadership in Disruptive Times” (2020), which the participants have found to be critical in developing their agility in navigating the complexity of leading in an era of the highly disruptive and digital-driven workplace.”

Johor Corporation

“The “Managerial Coaching Skills” Workshop which you had successfully facilitated has allowed the SLT members to leverage a fully developed coaching model which enables them to immediately implement in the workplace resulted in the development of a coaching culture within Prasarana.

The Group Executive Coaching sessions as well as Individualised Executive Coaching for selected members of the SLT members have raised their standards for constructive, collaborative conversations with their respective teams, and they have developed practical business-based skills and competencies. This has not only shaped the 4 individual leader’s performance but also, increasingly build broader organizational capacity.”


“The talent cohort has benefited tremendously from your group and individual coaching sessions and your generous sharing of insights and knowledge. In particular, the cohort had enjoyed the numerous intellectual sparring sessions and the way you challenged their thought processes to come up with innovative and yet pragmatic solutions to address the current business situations and issues that they were facing. In addition, the exchanges were often tempered with a high level of emotional support and encouragement from you which helped them to remain focused when the going got tough.”